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$310 Appraisal Reports

Reverse mortgage appraisal work is one area of specialty that we are most proud of. This type of work is very low pressure for appraisers. It is also a very rewarding type of work in that we usually are working with folks that have worked most of their life and treasure their home as the paramount investment that they have made. Seniors should have the opportunity to enjoy what they have worked so hard for, and helping them remain independent and capable of enjoying their life is just a personal reward that we get as appraisers.

The mother of Woody Fincham, President of FM & Associates, is a senior citizen. Like many of her peers she made her largest investment her home and put little away for retirement. The reverse mortgage products when used correctly can help make sure people like his mother are looked after in a very independent and dignified manner.

Often times when we are on site at these appointments we get the opportunity to sit and talk with the borrowers. Many appraisers are rushed to get in and out so they can just do the work. With the borrowers for this product we schedule more on site time as some folks love to chat, and many have questions about how an appraisal is done. We realize that it is our responsibility to take the time and make them feel at ease and give them the same courtesy and respect we would give our own parents and grandparents

Normally we charge $350 for a full appraisal on an FHA reverse, but we are offering the same report and good service for $310

We are happy to offer this to new mortgage clients as well as the savvy borrower who would like to have their home valued prior to sitting with a lending professional.